Flexble metalic hose pipes


We are Offering Mould cooling water Hoses for CCM. Those are made by high grade of material.

Description: SS Wire braided hose assemblies are heavy duty wire armoured water hose fitted with flanged couplings. They are designed for use in the pumping and suction of water in ccm and sms areas in steel plants.

Sizes: 2" to 8"

End Fittings: Steel fixed flanged hose tails, ASA150, PN10/16, Table D and Table E. Lengths: Available in standard 3mt to 6mt lengths, however the lengths up to 15mt also available.

The hose end is integrally built around and bonded to the nipple body. The hose reinforcing materials are also anchored to the nipple.

The nipples used are generally argon welded from pipe. Nipples made from standard pipe will be full bore only


1) Balances and compensates to prevent displacement or vibrations in extreme temperatures, pressure, or thrust.

2) Used extensively in all facets of the high-tech steel industry as well as other industries.
3) Have good flexibility and handle extreme temperature and pressure well.
4) They can play an important role in hose reciprocating motion, thermal expansion absorption, vibration absorption and adjusting compound tube center.
5) Important connector for gas, oil and water with modern equipment pipeline systems and piping projects.
6) Axis direction compensate: 10 - 100mm.
7) Angle direction compensate: 10 - 40 degrees.
8) Work temperature: -20 - 450 degrees.
9) Length: 100 - 2, 000mm or custom request
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