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Metal Bellows with Camlock couplings
Metal Bellows with Camlock couplingsMetal Bellows with Camlock couplings

Metal Bellows and Camlock couplings

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Wide range of metallic (stainless steel) flexible hose assemblies, complete with end connectors of stainless steel, copper, carbon steel and brass. The range of standard end connectors include screwed fittings (male and female), flanged fittings of any standard fix as well as swivel type, welding stubs, cam lock coupling and more. We can supply flexible hose assembly with special end fittings as per customer's drawings and requirements. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who can assist in designing the assemblies for a variety of applications and critical installation.
The metal Bellows are capable of absorbing the vibrations developed from pumps, engines, compressors or turbines. Depending on the problem, the axial, lateral as well as angular movements can be compensated. Metal Bellows provide cost advantage and increase the service life of a pipeline system.

SS Camlock couplings
As with all of our hose coupling types, this range of Stainless Steel cam lok fittings enable you to connect and disconnect your hosing quickly and easily. Manufactured to close tolerance in 316 grade stainless steel, this leading class of products represent the best in production at an economical price. The arms fold down into position for a secure join, and are available in Female BSP Thread

We stocks all kinds fittings like Camlock Couplings, QRC, Male fittings, Female fittings, Flange and we make non-standard fittings as per order.


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